De Republikeinse Partij krijgt in de Verenigde Staten in toenemende mate invloed op het nieuws. Dit komt onder andere door de opkomst van nieuwe media. Acht blogs van de top tien van politieke weblogs zijn conservatief. Dit schrijft Michael Massing in The end of news? in het decembernummer van de New York Review of Books van 2005.

In het artikel wordt een overzicht geschetst van de aanvallen vanuit conservatieve hoek op de “linkse”, mainstream media. Over de invloed van blogs schrijft Massing:

‘Through the Internet, commentators can channel criticism of the press to the general public faster and more efficiently than before. As became plain in the Swift Boat campaign against John Kerry, to cite one of many examples, an unscrupulous critic can spread exaggerated or erroneous claims instantaneously to thousands of people, who may, in turn, repeat them to millions more on talk radio programs, on cable television, or on more official “news” Web sites. This kind of recycled commentary has become all the more effective because it is aimed principally at a sector of the population that seldom if ever sees serious press coverage.’


‘For these [conservative] bloggers, the principal target is the mainstream media, or MSM. Every day, they scrutinize the top dailies, the three broadcast networks as well as CNN, and the newsweeklies for evidence of “liberal bias.”‘

Voor het hele artikel, zie:

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